Cycling Holidays on the Isle of Wight

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Cycling Holidays Isle of Wight

Welcome to the Bicycle Island for your cycling holidays Isle of Wight!

Have you heard the quote that “you cannot be sad while riding a bicycle?” Well, this quote cannot be denied and may be this time it is your turn to have a joyful experience of your life by spending your vacations at the “Bicycle Island”.

Isle of Wight is also known as “Bicycle Island” as it is perceived as one of the best destinations to spend one’s cycling holidays. The place consists of spectacular landscapes which make one’s bicycle ride extra worthwhile. Interestingly, no matter what the person’s fitness level is, the place offers a wide variety of routes suitable for every individual. Your cycling holiday adventure at Isle of Wight’s most challenging hills, woodland routes and locations where it is impossible for cars to reach can turn to be the most exciting and thrilling trip of your life.

The perfect cycling destination is waiting for you to have your truly active and adventurous experience. It is time to get your full body workout and enhance your overall fitness level by cycling which is an amazing aerobic activity.

Cycling Holidays Isle of Wight

Cycling Holidays on the Isle of Wight

Great Cycling Experience

You do not need to worry if you are not a cycling pro as Isle of Wight has some great news for you. A 5 mile route from Sandown can give you your wonderful adventurous experience by offering you a short, comparatively simple ride which takes you through the Eastern Yar’s wetland which is captivatingly famous for being rich in wildlife. The route begins at Dinosaur Isle which is located in the close proximity to the Montpelier providing one of the best facilities of bed and breakfast in Isle of Wight. Your cycling holidays Isle of Wight can become more interesting if you follow the cycling maps to explore the island’s attractive sceneries. On the other hand, if you are a pro cyclist then you must go for the very challenging Chalk Ridge Extreme route to test your leg muscles. Whether you consider yourself a pro bicycle rider or not, one should not limit their challenges and instead must challenge their limits.

Isle of Wight Cycling Festival

The upcoming IW Cycle Fest which is going to begin on Saturday, September 23rd of 2017 is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to have an awe-inspiring experience. This family festival will provide everyone a relaxed environment filled with great entertainment. In this festival, number of rides will occur from several destinations. The bicycle rides taking place will be suitable for every participant. The festival will continue to the second week dedicated for an off-road extravaganza comprising of various races such as junior racing, Cyclo-Cross race, etc. In the end of the IW Cycle Fest, a cycle themed closing party will take place. Keep the track of the IW Fest schedule.

Where to Stay?

If you are looking for an affordable bed and breakfast facility in Sandown, The Montpelier is one of the best businesses located there offering you the best room services, plus an amazing view from the window.


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