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isle of wight bed and breakfast

The ideal base for your stay on the Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight bed and breakfast

Are you finally ready to take that long awaited summer break with your partner? Great, it’s about time you did! If you’re looking for a low-key, mellow summer break infused with a hand full of fun activities to do with your partner, Isle of Wight’s Bed and Breakfast is the place for you.

An island, England takes most pride in, Isle of Wight is a beautiful, luscious country located just off coast of Hampshire. Bursting with scenic beauty, grassy landscapes, coastal charisma and a mild, enjoyable climate, Isle of Wight’s Bed and Breakfast is the perfect destination for your summer sweetness!

The Isle of Wight Bed and breakfast is a manifestation of the countless days of hard work and effort invested by the dynamic duo; Steve and Jan who have made sure that this B&B would be as comfortable and welcoming as the leisure of your own home.

If you’re looking for a royal treatment on a luxurious getaway, seek refuge under the warm wings of Isle of Wight’s Bed and Breakfast. It worth every penny of yours because this Bed and Breakfast is nothing short of extravagance. Boasting  seven to eight letting rooms, the Isle of with Bed and Breakfast takes you by surprise with an ensuite bathroom in every room.

Hygiene is a priority at this Bed and Breakfast, which is why all the rooms are well-maintained and regularly cleaned to make sure the guests spend their holidays busy in pampering themselves instead of worrying about what’s going on in the world.

Each room here at the Isle of Wight Bed and Breakfast is equipped with a table and chairs, a  fridge , free view TV alongside iPod and USB portals.

In addition to this, the rooms also boast a free Wi-Fi for all the guests staying here at the Isle of Wight Bed and Breakfast. Some of the other essentials but very significant amenities include tea and coffee making, an alarm clock radio set, a spacious wardrobe for the guests to store their clothes, abundantly roomy drawers to keep safe your important items and sockets with charging spots. With all these facilities in each room, don’t you think you should just run to this place with your significant other and spend a little, private holiday away from the world and in each other’s company, with absolute privacy?

Apart from all these reasons, if you are an outgoing, adventurous person, then the Isle of Wight definitely has a lot in store for you:

Osborne House

Constructed back in the late 1840’s, this was a private family home for the very much in love couple, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The splendor of this residence lies in the Italianate style of its architecture, projecting the perfectly panoramic views of the Isle of Wight and its shore.

If you’re one down to delve into the abyss of rich English history and prefer experiencing the culture from your own eyes, Osborne House should top your list of places to visit- something you can only find in the Isle of Wight. And since you’d need a place to stay, what’s more convenient than The Montpelier?

Carisbrooke Castle

Another representation of English history and culture’s milestone, Carisbrooke Castle museum is a tourist attraction. Established by the Queen’s youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice in the memory of her loving husband, Prince Henry, this castle holds priceless sentimental value to the royals.

The museum itself speaks of the grandeur of the English past including the medieval history, costumes, military history, social history, portraits, paintings, documents, decorative art and photographs. So if you’re one with the thirst of enlightenment, quench it by visiting the Carisbrooke Castle here at Isle of Wight as you spend your holidays at The Montpelier.

The Dinosaur Isle

Dinosaur Isle in the heart of Isle of Wight’s popular beach- the Sandown beach- lays Britain’s first dinosaur museum, built for the purpose of knowledge, education and awareness. If you’re hungry for knowledge, history and paleontology, the Dinosaur Isle was destined to be visited by you.

The fossils here speak of a timeless wealth and the rocks record the top exposures of dinosaur knowledge in Europe. On this part of the island, plants also preserve the history and explain the climate changes of the centuries.

The Isle of Wight Zoo

The Isle of Wight Zoo is a nurturing habitat. It is popular for the special care provided to the tigers and lemurs over here. This is the perfect place for all animal lovers to visit and watch animals enjoy the freedom of life in a safe and fostering habitat. What used to be the ruins of a Victorian Fort today is renowned as the grounds for the Isle of Wight’s zoo. Although in the earlier times, tiger cubs were taken on walks, today the main focus lies on catering to the needs of older, endangered ones.

Keep the Isle of Wight Zoo in mind when planning your vacation at The Montpelier. You really do not want to miss it!

Model Village Godshill

In operation by the family of Robin Thwaites since the 1960’s, this is a tinier version of what you see around in the Isle of Wight. Robin’s daughter, Penny and her husband, Stuart, are the current owners of this model village and continue to improve it every single day by adding and polishing its details. This model village gives you a refreshing break from the loud and busy world outside to spend some time in the similar-looking, yet quieter version of the real world.

So for a fun, refreshing and riveting Gulliver’s experience, don’t forget to head over to the Model Village Godshill while residing at the Isle of Wight Bed and Breakfast.

Another exciting place to relieve your stress in this piece of paradise is the Shanklin theatre where you can enjoy a firsthand experience of live plays and enjoy the traditions with a twist of modernism.

Trust us when we say that the Isle of Wight has a lot in store for you, waiting to be explored.

When you are planning a vacation, why shouldn’t you head over to a place that gives you exotic, cosmic natural views alongside tons of options for other activities?

Book a room at The Montpelier and make your trip of the Isle of Wight royal and exciting as you reside in this Bed and Breakfast aiming for excellence!

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