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Sunshine until SEPTEMBER as roasting temperatures to roar back to UK. Time to holiday in Sandown.

BRITAIN is a fortnight away from another major heatwave with blistering sunshine and roasting temperatures forecast until September.

Heatwave coming now is the time to book your holiday at our Isle of Wight bed and breakfast The Montpelier right across the road from Sandown beach and pier.

Heatwave coming
Looking towards Shanklin from Sandown Pier

Last week’s near-record heatwave now feels like a distant memory with cooler winds and grey skies the theme over the coming days.

Southern Britain will struggle to get much above 21C (69.8F) or 22C (71.6F) before the start of July while the north could sink to low single figures overnight

However all is not lost with the next blast of extreme heat shaping up to send the mercury rocketing around the second week of July.

Thermometers will soar back into the 30Cs in parts putting the record-breaking summer back on course, experts say.

Temperatures will remain above-average across swathes of England until September with just Scotland and the far north missing out

It will feel warmer than usual through much of July and across the southern half of the country in August, according to the Weather Company.

Its forecasters say this summer could still rival the scorcher of 2003 which brought killer heatwave conditions across Europe that August.

The UK was hit by weeks of extreme heat and water shortages leading to hosepipe bans with a monthly record of 38.5C (101.3F) set in Brogdale, Kent.

Weather Company forecaster Dr Todd Crawford said: “The magnitude of the warmth so far in June has been impressive across much of mainland Europe

“The odds are increasing that this locks in and becomes the dominant summer pattern going forward; this idea is supported by most of the dynamical and statistical forecast guidance.

“Clearly the early heat and dryness and the expectations of its persistence brings to mind the summer of 2003, and some similarity to that summer is certainly not out of the question this year.”

Sun-hungry Britons will have to grit their teeth for the next two weeks with temperatures forecast to stay around average for the time of year.

The Met Office said there are early signs of some warmth returning at the end of next week with drier, sunnier weather on the cards for mid-July.

Forecaster Emma Sharples said: “We will see some bursts of warmth towards the end of next week across the south but we are not talking sunshine and blue skies but rather duller, more humid conditions.

“There are signs of a return to more settled, drier conditions from the middle of July, again mainly in the south

“Drier and warmer spells are likely to become more prevalent in the south and these may spread further north as we head into the second half of July.”

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden said extreme heat will return by the middle of next month.

He said: “The remainder of this month will see more of a switch to somewhat cooler temperatures of late, particularly for the northern half of the country.

“However, it will still feel pleasant in the sunshine, southern parts of the country will still remain warm with temperatures staying in the low to mid 20Cs.

“As we head into July a more mixed and cooler pattern of weather is likely for most in comparison to June

“However, there is the potential for a number of heat surges during the second week of the month and during the latter part.

“It is of high confidence that we can expect a warm August on current indications and to end the meteorological summer on a high note.”

In the past month Britain has sweltered in the longest June heatwave since 1976 before temperatures peaked at 34.5C (94.1F) in London on June 21 – the hottest summer solstice on record.

The hot weather was largely thanks to high pressure wedged over the UK helping a thrust of air from the Continent engulf the country.

A change this week will see colder air from the north flood into Britain driven by the jet stream as it dips southwards.

Piers Corbyn, forecaster for Weather Action, said July will kick off to a gloomy start before the heatwaves return full throttle by August.

He said: “We expect to see a lot more hot weather to arrive in August with a return to heatwave conditions through the month.

“These will hold out until the end of the summer, with numerous Spanish plume type events and surges of hot air from Africa.

“Again this is partly due to the wildly swinging jet stream and a blocking high over Scandinavia allowing warmer air up from the south. wild swings in the jet – which largely governs whether air will arrive from the southern Continent and Africa or the north – over the next six weeks will drive the upcoming hot weather.

Rooms still available for July and some August dates, don’t miss out book a holiday in our Isle of Wight bed and breakfast in Sandown, The Montpelier the ideal base for your stay on the Island.

sandown beach
The Montpelier Isle of Wight bed and breakfast


Sandown carnival entrySandown Carnival

Family Fun since 1889

The Isle of Wight is carnival crazy and the Sandown carnival one the best! With well over 20 different public events each summer and several more throughout the year, hundreds of locals and groups from further afield gather to entertain thousands of residents and visitors alike.

All Sandown Carnival events are FREE to attend, staffed by a dedicated team of volunteers who fundraise throughout the year. Many people congratulate us on being the Island’s friendliest carnival!

With the summer heat wave set to last until the end of August now is the time to book a holiday in Sandown and our Isle of Wight bed and breakfast is the ideal place to spend it, just across the road from the pier and beach. The main carnival goes right across the top of our road and you can hear it long before it reaches you, get there early and grab a front row space and don’t forget to bring your camera.

The children carnival is the day before come and see the entries. It’s a great day out for the family with quizzes and treasure hunts, it’s an exciting week in Sandown.

There usually something on most days, especially in the summer months, making the Isle of Wight the ideal holiday location for all ages.

Come and celebrate 128 years of Sandown Carnival by attending one of the below events:

Children’s Carnival Friday 28th July.

Main Carnival Saturday 29th July.

Illuminated Carnival Wednesday 30th August.

November Celebrations Saturday 4th November.

Sandown Carnival
Sandown carnival July 30th


Isle of Wight Bed and Breakfast

isle of wight bed and breakfast
The ideal base for your stay on the Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight bed and breakfast

Are you finally ready to take that long awaited summer break with your partner? Great, it’s about time you did! If you’re looking for a low-key, mellow summer break infused with a hand full of fun activities to do with your partner, Isle of Wight’s Bed and Breakfast is the place for you.

An island, England takes most pride in, Isle of Wight is a beautiful, luscious country located just off coast of Hampshire. Bursting with scenic beauty, grassy landscapes, coastal charisma and a mild, enjoyable climate, Isle of Wight’s Bed and Breakfast is the perfect destination for your summer sweetness!

The Isle of Wight Bed and breakfast is a manifestation of the countless days of hard work and effort invested by the dynamic duo; Steve and Jan who have made sure that this B&B would be as comfortable and welcoming as the leisure of your own home.

If you’re looking for a royal treatment on a luxurious getaway, seek refuge under the warm wings of Isle of Wight’s Bed and Breakfast. It worth every penny of yours because this Bed and Breakfast is nothing short of extravagance. Boasting  seven to eight letting rooms, the Isle of with Bed and Breakfast takes you by surprise with an ensuite bathroom in every room.

Hygiene is a priority at this Bed and Breakfast, which is why all the rooms are well-maintained and regularly cleaned to make sure the guests spend their holidays busy in pampering themselves instead of worrying about what’s going on in the world.

Each room here at the Isle of Wight Bed and Breakfast is equipped with a table and chairs, a  fridge , free view TV alongside iPod and USB portals.

In addition to this, the rooms also boast a free Wi-Fi for all the guests staying here at the Isle of Wight Bed and Breakfast. Some of the other essentials but very significant amenities include tea and coffee making, an alarm clock radio set, a spacious wardrobe for the guests to store their clothes, abundantly roomy drawers to keep safe your important items and sockets with charging spots. With all these facilities in each room, don’t you think you should just run to this place with your significant other and spend a little, private holiday away from the world and in each other’s company, with absolute privacy?

Apart from all these reasons, if you are an outgoing, adventurous person, then the Isle of Wight definitely has a lot in store for you:

Osborne House

Constructed back in the late 1840’s, this was a private family home for the very much in love couple, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The splendor of this residence lies in the Italianate style of its architecture, projecting the perfectly panoramic views of the Isle of Wight and its shore.

If you’re one down to delve into the abyss of rich English history and prefer experiencing the culture from your own eyes, Osborne House should top your list of places to visit- something you can only find in the Isle of Wight. And since you’d need a place to stay, what’s more convenient than The Montpelier?

Carisbrooke Castle

Another representation of English history and culture’s milestone, Carisbrooke Castle museum is a tourist attraction. Established by the Queen’s youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice in the memory of her loving husband, Prince Henry, this castle holds priceless sentimental value to the royals.

The museum itself speaks of the grandeur of the English past including the medieval history, costumes, military history, social history, portraits, paintings, documents, decorative art and photographs. So if you’re one with the thirst of enlightenment, quench it by visiting the Carisbrooke Castle here at Isle of Wight as you spend your holidays at The Montpelier.

The Dinosaur Isle

Dinosaur Isle in the heart of Isle of Wight’s popular beach- the Sandown beach- lays Britain’s first dinosaur museum, built for the purpose of knowledge, education and awareness. If you’re hungry for knowledge, history and paleontology, the Dinosaur Isle was destined to be visited by you.

The fossils here speak of a timeless wealth and the rocks record the top exposures of dinosaur knowledge in Europe. On this part of the island, plants also preserve the history and explain the climate changes of the centuries.

The Isle of Wight Zoo

The Isle of Wight Zoo is a nurturing habitat. It is popular for the special care provided to the tigers and lemurs over here. This is the perfect place for all animal lovers to visit and watch animals enjoy the freedom of life in a safe and fostering habitat. What used to be the ruins of a Victorian Fort today is renowned as the grounds for the Isle of Wight’s zoo. Although in the earlier times, tiger cubs were taken on walks, today the main focus lies on catering to the needs of older, endangered ones.

Keep the Isle of Wight Zoo in mind when planning your vacation at The Montpelier. You really do not want to miss it!

Model Village Godshill

In operation by the family of Robin Thwaites since the 1960’s, this is a tinier version of what you see around in the Isle of Wight. Robin’s daughter, Penny and her husband, Stuart, are the current owners of this model village and continue to improve it every single day by adding and polishing its details. This model village gives you a refreshing break from the loud and busy world outside to spend some time in the similar-looking, yet quieter version of the real world.

So for a fun, refreshing and riveting Gulliver’s experience, don’t forget to head over to the Model Village Godshill while residing at the Isle of Wight Bed and Breakfast.

Another exciting place to relieve your stress in this piece of paradise is the Shanklin theatre where you can enjoy a firsthand experience of live plays and enjoy the traditions with a twist of modernism.

Trust us when we say that the Isle of Wight has a lot in store for you, waiting to be explored.

When you are planning a vacation, why shouldn’t you head over to a place that gives you exotic, cosmic natural views alongside tons of options for other activities?

Book a room at The Montpelier and make your trip of the Isle of Wight royal and exciting as you reside in this Bed and Breakfast aiming for excellence!



Do you like long walks with the sand between your toes and the sound of the sea lapping on the beach? Then Yaverland beach Sandown is for you.
I love it down on the beach at Yaverland when the tide is out, it stretches for miles, from the car at the bottom of Culver to the white cliffs at the tip and it’s very wide with a few rock pools on the way along and more once you get to the white cliffs. When the sun is shining it’s no different than being abroad with out the hassle of airports.

Yaverland beach Sandown
Acres of sand for your enjoyment

This magnificent bay is characterised by its craggy cliffs and clean, crisp waters. The appealing sand and stone beach runs between the imposing Culver Cliff at one end and Sandown at the other. With its own sailing club and windsurfing, canoeing, kite surfing and jet skiing all on offer, thrill-seekers will be in their element at this pleasant beach. Quieter than the other beaches between Sandown and Shanklin, Yaverland offers safe swimming and exciting fossil hunting by the cliffs. Take the kids there and crack open a rock, if you’re lucky you might find a fossil inside.

The beach is an ideal place to bring the kids and because it is so flat you can keep an eye them at all times. I love walking there with my dog, as do many other dog owners and have never seen anyone let their dogs out of control, it’s great to watch them all enjoying themselves. The beach is kept very clean as well.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay The Montpelier Bed and Breakfast is only a 10 to 15 minute walk away or under 5 minutes by car and there is a pay and display car park with easy access to the beach.

Yaverland beach Sandown
acres of fun
Yaverland beach Sandown
Looking west towards the car park and Sandown
Yaverland Beach
Culver cliff

The Isle of Wight Music Festival 2017

The Isle of Wight Music Festival 2017 — Schedule, tickets, news, line-up, and accommodation details

Hooray! The dates of the most awaited rock and pop music festival has been announced. Yes! The annual Isle of Wight music festival is going to take place at Newport’s Seaclose Park from 8th June (Thursday) to 11th June (Sunday) 2017. This amazing festival takes place every year and is one of the most impressively storied festivals amongst the best European festivals. Before discussing all the details we have gathered about this exciting event, we want to remind you that apart from enjoying awesome music at the festival, participants also get to enjoy several happening events like comedy, poetry, and cabaret. Camping is another exciting opportunity for the visitors of Isle of Wight. The island of Isle of Wight turns into a grand weekend party.
Let’s talk about headliners 2017! Amazingly, the Isle of Wight Music Festival 2017 music festival will include Rod Stewart, Arcade Fire along with David Guetta and Run DMC. Excited? I suggest you should book your tickets and hotel soon for better options.

Isle of Wight Music Festival
Ticket info
Tickets can be bought online and you can also visit websites such as, Ticketmaster, Festicket and Viagogo to benefit from the sale and what they have to offer. The cost of the tickets is different to help you suit your preferences. The price of the Day Ticket is £60 for Friday and £80 for Saturday and Sunday. Also, note that the ticket does not include camping permission but will allow you to enjoy unlimited re-entry. Tickets for teens cost £145 per person. For adults, the charges are slightly higher, at £175 per person. Luckily, children under the age of 12 can enjoy absolutely free entry.
The Line-up Gossip
John Giddings, the promoter of Isle of Wight Festival happily reveals the confirmation of Arcade Fire as headliner for Saturday night and Sir Rod Stewart for Sunday night. The festival will come to an end by the rock legend, Rod Stewart. The list of Co-headliners is also very amazing. It includes French DJ David Guetta and hip-hop legends Run DMC.
Remarkably, Clean Bandit & Zara Larsson will also become the Big Top part of the Isle of Wight Music Festival 2017. They have recently made to UK Chart no. 1.
Bed & Breakfasts
If you are not interested in camping then Isle of Wight has variety of comfortable bed & breakfasts, hotels, inns, and several self-catering alternatives to offer. Visit TripAdvisor to know the accommodation details and reviews. You can select the accommodation on the basis of price or location according to your preferences. The Montpelier bed & breakfast offers some of the best facilities at a spectacular location that too at reasonable prices. TripAdvisor has rated us at 4.5 out of 5 stars!
Getting around from Newport is easy and there are buses available to take you at cheaper rates to remarkable spots including Sandown. Also, Isle of Wight is an amazing destination for cycling. That is why it is also known as Bicycle Island.

Cycling Holidays on the Isle of Wight

Cycling Holidays Isle of Wight

Welcome to the Bicycle Island for your cycling holidays Isle of Wight!

Have you heard the quote that “you cannot be sad while riding a bicycle?” Well, this quote cannot be denied and may be this time it is your turn to have a joyful experience of your life by spending your vacations at the “Bicycle Island”.

Isle of Wight is also known as “Bicycle Island” as it is perceived as one of the best destinations to spend one’s cycling holidays. The place consists of spectacular landscapes which make one’s bicycle ride extra worthwhile. Interestingly, no matter what the person’s fitness level is, the place offers a wide variety of routes suitable for every individual. Your cycling holiday adventure at Isle of Wight’s most challenging hills, woodland routes and locations where it is impossible for cars to reach can turn to be the most exciting and thrilling trip of your life.

The perfect cycling destination is waiting for you to have your truly active and adventurous experience. It is time to get your full body workout and enhance your overall fitness level by cycling which is an amazing aerobic activity.

Cycling Holidays Isle of Wight
Cycling Holidays on the Isle of Wight

Great Cycling Experience

You do not need to worry if you are not a cycling pro as Isle of Wight has some great news for you. A 5 mile route from Sandown can give you your wonderful adventurous experience by offering you a short, comparatively simple ride which takes you through the Eastern Yar’s wetland which is captivatingly famous for being rich in wildlife. The route begins at Dinosaur Isle which is located in the close proximity to the Montpelier providing one of the best facilities of bed and breakfast in Isle of Wight. Your cycling holidays Isle of Wight can become more interesting if you follow the cycling maps to explore the island’s attractive sceneries. On the other hand, if you are a pro cyclist then you must go for the very challenging Chalk Ridge Extreme route to test your leg muscles. Whether you consider yourself a pro bicycle rider or not, one should not limit their challenges and instead must challenge their limits.

Isle of Wight Cycling Festival

The upcoming IW Cycle Fest which is going to begin on Saturday, September 23rd of 2017 is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to have an awe-inspiring experience. This family festival will provide everyone a relaxed environment filled with great entertainment. In this festival, number of rides will occur from several destinations. The bicycle rides taking place will be suitable for every participant. The festival will continue to the second week dedicated for an off-road extravaganza comprising of various races such as junior racing, Cyclo-Cross race, etc. In the end of the IW Cycle Fest, a cycle themed closing party will take place. Keep the track of the IW Fest schedule.

Where to Stay?

If you are looking for an affordable bed and breakfast facility in Sandown, The Montpelier is one of the best businesses located there offering you the best room services, plus an amazing view from the window.


Isle of wight zoo

The Isle of Wight Zoo is a family-run zoo with a special interest in tigers and lemurs. The Isle of Wight zoo was built within the ruins of a Victorian Fort built to guard Sandown’s coast, which means we face one of the Isle of Wight’s nicest beaches. Once upon a time the zoo owners used to walk tiger cubs on the beach, and we’re still famous locally for it. Nowadays we focus on looking after older tigers and giving them a happy retirement.


isle of wight zoo


Our fundamental goals can be divided into Care, Conservation and Education.

Providing top-quality day to day Care for the animals at the zoo is our ongoing mission. This isn’t just about the keepers and veterinary staff – it also involves people such as the maintenance and horticulture staff who look after their enclosures. Every single person who works or volunteers at the zoo makes a contribution to animal welfare.

  • Our long-term goal is to keep contributing to Conservation. Many of our animals are threatened in the wild, largely through human activity. We fund conservation projects in India and Madagascar, and also participate in European Endangered Species breeding programmes for some of our Madagascan animals.
  • Through Education, we want to inspire our visitors and friends with a passion for the natural world. We are always looking for ways to make it fun and easy to find out more about our animals. Our tour guides make the experience interactive, with friendly presentations in which they share some of the animals’ secrets. We also work in formal education, hosting school groups and going out to visit classrooms.
  • After 40 years of being a family business we are proud to announce that we have become a charity!
    The Isle of Wight Zoo now belongs to The Wildheart Trust (reg charity 1171144) which was set up to make a meaningful impact on the health of the natural world as well as improving the well-being of animals in human care.
    The Trust is committed to providing a life-long home to rescued big cats as well as providing a loving home for other animal residents. We aim to engage, involve and empower people from both the heart and the head to help us in the global challenge to make the world a better place for animals.
    We also actively contribute towards conservation projects in India,Madagascar and more locally,on the Isle of Wight and,as a charity,we expect to grow our capacity to do so.
    We look forward to welcoming you,our ‘Wildheart Friends’,to the zoo.

Model Village Godshill

Model Village Godshill is a family run business and very proud of it!  Robin Thwaites bought the Model Village in the late 1960’s when it was much in need of repair.  His vision and attention to detail had set the standard for much of what you see today.  Stuart and Penny (daughter of Robin, are the current owners) are passionate about everything you see here and working with a great team aim to give every customer a wonderful and nostalgic experience here.

Model Village Godshill

Set in the grounds of the Old Vicarage the Model Village in Godshill is a timeless place to escape the busy world outside.  As Kevin McCloud of Channel 4’s Grand Designs said: “If you really do want to indulge in a uniquely Fifties Isle of Wight experience replete with bathing huts, vintage buses and a slower pace of life, then there is only one destination for you: Godshill Model Village”.

The Model Village Godshill opened to the public in 1952 after Mr Dams created models of Shanklin to populate the top section of the Old Vicarage gardens.    The lower half of the garden (the first section you will see when you arrive) contains models of Godshill (the village we are situated in) that Dad made with help of model makers at Pinewood – this was the sixties remember with Thunderbirds and Lady Penelope at the top of their game!

All Saints Church sits proudly overlooking the other cottages and houses just like the real church up on the hill.  If you stand in the right spot you can see the real church, the model church, the model of the model church and then the model of the model of the model and even a tiny model of the model.

Our Model Village in Godshill is a 1/10th scale version of the village of Godshill and Shanklin Old Village and Chine, two of the oldest tourist areas on the Isle of Wight.   You can find all of our houses, cottages, churches and pubs in real life for a proper Gulliver experience!  Our models are fantastic replicas of these real buildings, made with sand and cement so they weather as they age. We even thatch them just like the real thing using authentic materials and methods.

Osborne House

Osborne House was built between 1845 and 1851 to provide Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with a private family home. It was built in the Italianate style in order to fit its setting on an island whose temperate climate and panoramic views over the Solent reminded Prince Albert of the Bay of Naples.

Osborne House

Victoria and Albert’s House

Osborne House has all the elements of an Italian house: the palazzo style, the picturesque silhouette with its pair of towers and the terraces connected by flights of steps. The terraces with their outstanding views are one of Osborne’s most successful features.

Osborne House is divided into four distinct but connecting blocks, arranged around two courtyards. Three of these blocks were completed in Prince Albert’s lifetime: the Pavilion, in which the royal family had their rooms; the household wing, used by senior members of the royal household; and the main wing, used initially by the older royal children and later for the principal guest rooms.

The planning of the Pavilion combined freedom of circulation through linked reception rooms with close attention to the efficient arrangement of the domestic areas and their connection to the main rooms. The large plate-glass windows of the reception rooms on the ground floor make the rooms especially light and provide views across the terraces to the sea. The private rooms on the upper floors are more domestic in scale and have simpler decoration.

The most significant addition to Osborne House in the years after Prince Albert’s death was the Durbar Wing (completed in 1892), which contained a large reception room and accommodation for Princess Beatrice, Queen Victoria’s youngest married daughter, and her family.

Externally the Durbar Wing was given the same Italianate style as the rest of the house. The Durbar Room, however, was designed by Lockwood Kipling (father of the author Rudyard Kipling and director of the Mayo School of Art, Lahore, India). His elaborate Indian design was intended to reflect Queen Victoria’s status as Empress of India. The plasterwork in the Durbar Room was executed by the Indian plasterer Bhai Ram Singh.

The Gardens and Estate

The 19th-century gardens and estate eventually covered more than 2,000 acres (800 hectares). The current estate extends to 354 acres (143 hectares) and includes formal terraces with statuary, a walled garden and extensive parkland.

Within the grounds are the Swiss Cottage, Swiss Cottage Museum, and a miniature fort with redoubts (detached earthworks), which were all built as educational tools for the royal children. The area around them was also reserved for the children’s education, and was used by them to grow fruit, flowers and vegetables.

Prince Albert was concerned with every aspect of the development of the gardens and estate. His planting scheme was to some extent dictated by the already well-established late 18th-century landscape. Other influences included his liking for poplars, and for the Italian fashion of lining principal drives and walks with evergreens, such as myrtle and laurel. Magnolias, rhododendrons and azaleas were also planted. The prince planted many of the trees in the parkland himself, sometimes with the children: in 1847 the queen noted in her diary ‘we walked out with the children, & they helped, or at least thought they did, in planting some trees’.

The parterres on the terrace, which have been restored to their original appearance, were interspersed with statuary and were framed by formal walkways of coloured imitation lava. A rich variety of bedding plants were used: Queen Victoria writes in her journal of geraniums, stocks and heliotropes and the summer evening air scented with orange blossom and roses.  Many of these plants are used today in seasonal bedding schemes.

Within the 18th-century walled kitchen garden the original cross-path layout has been restored, and a garden was added in 2000 to the design of Rupert Golby as part of the Contemporary Heritage Garden project. It incorporates many plants with names associated with Victoria or Albert, in a contemporary planting style.

Shanklin Theatre

Shanklin Theatre

Shanklin Theatre was formerly known as The Institute and opened in 1879. In 1884 new rooms were added, the Reading Room and Amusement Room. Visitors were charged 1d to use the Reading Room and this was housed in the lower section of the building to the right of the main front facade. The Amusement Room had two billiard tables and was managed by the Shanklin Chess Club.


Shanklin theatre

In 1913 the Council ordered that the words Institute and Reading Room be erased from the building and it then became The Town Hall.

In 1925 a serious fire occurred, which seriously damaged the Institute, but not the Town Hall. After much deliberation by the Shanklin Urban District Council, approval to proceed with reconstruction was given in 1932. However the planned £17,000 was not spent, as the Shanklin and Sandown Urban District Councils amalgamated to form the South Wight District Council, The Sandown Councillors objected to the amount, which was finally reduced to £13,000. Building commenced in 1933 and on 21st March 1934 the new Town Hall and Theatre opened.

During World War Two the Theatre was used for dances and many other kinds of entertainment.  The Theatre seated more than 700 people but when it was used for dancing, the staff would push all the seats to the side or under the stage to leave a large expanse of dance floor.  In the basement of the Theatre is the lower town hall room, this was used for meetings and as a bar until about 2005.  The Bar has now been re-installed and is currently open an hour before shows and during the interval. Behind the Bar is the old Wartime Control Room which is strengthened by large steel girders to safeguard users in case of bombing. These rooms continued to be used by the Civil Defence during the early part of the Cold War with the Eastern Block. Also on this floor, but only accessible from outside, was the Town Mortuary, now used as an Internet Radio Station.

After the war the Theatre came into its own with the Barry O’Brien Company putting on repertory plays every week of the summer season, and on Sundays there would be concerts shared with Sandown Pavilion, to include many famous names of the era.  One cast would perform at Sandown Pavilion during the first half, while the other would be at Shanklin Theatre they would  change over during the interval, being shuttled by taxi between the two theatres.   In the winter the local drama groups, such as The Unity Players or The Palmerston Players, would hire the theatre to stage their own productions.   From the 1970’s Shanklin Theatre was the base for the Island Savoyards a local amateur group performing Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas and other Musicals.  The group still performs at the Theatre on a regular basis.  Tickets in those days were sold from the former Box Office, now used as a sweet kiosk, in the front foyer.  In 1992 a new Box Office was created and this is sited to the right hand side of the main front entrance a little further up Steephill Road.  In what was the former Reading Room.

The Theatre remains open throughout the year where it hosts events ranging from a Christmas Pantomime, a professional summer season, local amateur dramatics, a children’s stage school, the Isle of Wight Dance Festival and workshops for visiting school parties.